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Get clarity about how you write, when, and where. Measure your productivity to write more.

Free Download Requires macOS 10.13+. Ready for Sonoma. Buy Now Just $19.99!

Why count your words?

A writer should write.

The WordCounter …

Get an overview of all your productivity of the past!

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Start recording and improving your writing productivity today.

free trial Requires macOS 10.13+. Ready for Sonoma. Buy Now for $19.99
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Roadmap for Version 1

Transparency is important to me. Here is a list of feature updates you will get for your money when you buy the current version of the WordCounter today:

After that, I’ll work on a vastly expanded version 2 feature set, available as a paid upgrade. Version 1 will then be in maintenance mode with long-term support: I’ll release fixes to ensure compatibility with operating system updates, but no new major features.

See the Release Notes for a history of feature additions.

If you Like Stats, You’ll Dig Timing

The WordCounter tracks your writing productivity. And Timing is an automatic time tracker by my friend Daniel to figure out how long you spend on a project and its parts. Together they help you spend more productive time on the stuff that really matters to you.

WordCounter fans get 10% off from this link: Check Out Timing

Extend the WordCounter

Also check out the WordCounter plugin for Alfred 3 by quantified self-tracker Mark Koester!

Download the plugin from